Course is open to personnel who are responsible for the safety of passengers in emergency situations. This course has been designed to meet the requirements of Regulations V/2 of the STCW Convention and Code 1978 as amended:

Outcome 1: The learner understands the importance of ship board emergency procedures and knows how to organise them.

Outcome 2: The learner is able to control the response to emergencies on board.

Outcome 3: The learner is able to control passengers and other personnel during emergency situations.

Outcome 4: The learner is able to establish and maintain effective communications during emergency situations.

 Course Contents:

 Impact of Ship's design on emergency procedure,

Safety Regulations

Shipboard Emergency Plan,

Importrance of preplanning and drills,

Importance of Debriefing

Dealing with emergency situation,

Identifying shortfall in resources and its contingency measueres

Effect of stress on performance,

Reaction and behaviour of passengers and ship board personnel

Leadership Skills, Typical symptoms of stress in passengers and crew

Importance of  clear instruction,Giving instruction taking into account of language barrier

Passenger and crew concern about emergency situation,

Providing appropriate response to passenger and crew

July 18,  2018